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Welcome to 2nd ICA Research Symposium 2019

Innovation Centre in Agritechnology for Advanced Bioprocessing (ICA)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

19th NOVEMBER 2019

With the theme of “Agriculture & Food Innovation”, this symposium aims to provide a platform for experts in agriculture and food industry to disseminate ideas and knowledge sharing, leading to active collaboration among academicians, scientists, researchers, modern & traditional farmers, government agencies and industry players.








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  • To provide a platform for students, academicians and researchers to present the latest research findings and share experiences.

  • To provide a medium for students, academicians and communities to discuss the latest research topics and research collaboration.
  • To identify the collaborative potential in education and research among universities and institutions.

Scopes of Symposium 

This symposium focuses on (but not limited to):

  1. Biotic, natural and organic farming
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) & precision farming
  3. Beneficial microorganism
  4. Bioactives compound for health & wellness
  5. Nutrient dense & functional food
  6. Socioeconomics in agriculture & food production
  7. Sustainable environment

Publication Opportunities

Selected full paper will be published in:

1) Journal of Sustainable Natural Resources (J-SuNR)

2) E-proceeding deposited in National Library (ISBN)

Innovation Centre in Agritechnology for Advanced Bioprocessing (ICA) – OPEN DAY

20th NOVEMBER 2019

Join us on our open day for exciting activities including product sale, harvesting activities, cooking demo and many more.

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